• Taunton City Hall

    The plan for a newly renovated $27 million dollar Taunton City Hall includes a new four-story rear section that will merge with the front edifice, and a separate municipal council chambers building with a connecting walkway that will sit next to the main structure.

    That standalone building will occupy space that was once occupied by the circa-1870 Leonard Block — a four-story commercial building with a theater and offices that later came to be known simply as the Star Theater.

    A large, new rear addition will be attached to the front building and a separate, smaller building closer to the street will connect to the granite building via a walkway. That single-story building with its basement and attic will be the new home of the Chester A. Martin Municipal Chambers.

    The new City Hall will take a little getting used to for visitors familiar with pre-arson City Hall. The old rear entrance used to lead into basement offices. The new rear entrance will provide access to what will be considered the building’s first floor. The front entrance will retain the original steps leading up to the lobby of what from now on will be considered a second instead of a first floor.

    So what used to be recognized as a three-floor building will be transformed into a bona fide four-story edifice. ¬Two adjacent buildings during the past five years were demolished to open up space for the new construction.

    The new City Hall is scheduled to open in September 2020.

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